Sunday, October 18, 2020

Blurb: 'Agnes of Haywood Hall' (Plus Mid-Month Signal Boost)

And here's the blurb for Agnes of Haywood Hall:

"The dust never really settles in a haunted priory, and Prudence Honeysett learns that valuable lesson all too quickly. An idyllic stretch of quiet passes following the disaster in the priory's garden, and normalcy hints at a return with the final stages of the priory grounds' beautification and the upgrading of the interior with newly purchased antiques and - well - 'antiques'.

Trouble once again brews when Prudence and Frederick go on a shopping spree, and they unwittingly purchase an item that's apparently haunted by a dead letch. But ghostly warnings tend to come in riddles, and a frenzied search for the mystery item turns into yet another dip in the waters of frayed nerves, late night tipples, and terrified young servants being harassed by the image of a lascivious dead man in the mirror.

In the meantime, Freddy gets whisked off to help a neighboring French gentleman whose Medieval hall is haunted by a lost servant who, literally, can't find her way around the maze of passageways and rooms. Freddy's attention is now divided, leaving Prudence to sort out priory troubles with a bit of help from an overly zealous friend.

Throw in a generous dose of a young man's clumsy sexual awakening, a visiting dandy who's also a purveyor of literary smut, and a servant suddenly allowed a note-book into which he can share his energetic accounts (and marvelous art) of the madness within St. Grimald priory's walls, and readers are in for another madcap epistolary adventure over tea."

Since the publication date is still months out, I've got time enough to tweak the blurb some more, but the book itself is pretty much a done deal. Maybe a couple more light passes with the editing pen, but what's there is there, and I'm really stoked.

I'm also back to waffling over whether not print copies should be made available because I really don't sell any. I wish I were as confident about dumping that option as other writers - or at least I know of one writer who's never seen the need for print copies of her books, and I wish I had her self-assurance. 

The temptation of having a physical copy of my book is pretty hard to overcome, though for my previously published stuff, I'm totally over owning those and am not thinking twice about giving them up completely. Maybe down the line I'll feel the same way about my self-published stuff, but why even wait, eh? Dunno. 

At any rate, the book's already been uploaded to Draft2Digital, and here it is.

And a mid-month signal boost coming at ya: Automata is now available, and you can check out the book page over here. The e-book sales for the month of October are Wollstone and Hell-Knights, and to learn more about those oldies but goodies, read up on them (as well as Automata, for that matter) over here. 

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