Saturday, October 10, 2020

Actually It Looks Like I'm Almost There

Um... so I discovered (or was reminded) that I've already revised Agnes of Haywood Hall and only need to do light editing sweeps now. Color me surprised when I opened the file for the first time in over a month to see that the changes I've been thinking about have already been made, and I've completely forgotten about them. 

Jayzuz. I even went through my blog archives to find the posts celebrating milestones of first draft completion and, after another month, rewrites and revisions. 

So instead of trudging through three chapters today as originally planned, I was able to go through five instead, and I'd have gone further had I not pulled the reins on myself because I do have the tendency to barrel right through if I find that I've got plenty of time to burn. 

I may have the book uploaded at Draft2Digital by the end of this month for a February release. I was tempted, I admit, to move the release date forward, but I don't want to booby trap myself thoughtlessly. The schedule stays, and I'm just relieved I'm able to honor the date and keep to the calendar despite everything that's been happening around me. 

I'm looking at next weekend for the end of this sweep, and everything else following till the end of the month will be super easy. 

If you're reading this post directly from my blog, you'll see I've been messing around (yet again) with my blog theme. It's really too bad Blogger doesn't offer much by way of customization as, to be honest, none of their default themes come close enough to the kind of site I want for myself. It'd be nice if I could have something a little more pro-looking, sort of, but I'm also not too keen on downloading non-default themes from other sources. Who knows what kind of codes are worked into them that can really mess up my site visually or make it more vulnerable to the wrong kind of attention? 

Phooey. Anyway, I'm still tweaking with stuff around here, so it's very likely each visit made to my blog will yield a bit of a surprise. 

I did give my raven-on-a-skull site logo a bit of a facelift by replacing the winged frame with a mirror. As long as the raven-on-a-skull is there, I'm good no matter what's framing it. 

It's just too bad that I can't say the same thing about my actual blogging skills as I don't post interesting stuff for visitors to enjoy. Seeing as how I got into blogging fairly late in my life (what, early thirties, I think?), I'm proof positive that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Been doing this for almost twenty years now, and I'm still playing "Chopsticks" and not a Chopin waltz. 

Pity me, y'all. Hopefully next time I get on here, I'll have something a lot meatier than this kinda-sorta update.

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