Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Vampire Hunters (AKA Welcome, Autumn!)

At last, autumn is finally here! And you know what follows, eh? 


Mind you, not that I need an excuse to lose myself in all things dark and indulgently gothic seeing as how I write this kind if stuff all year long, anyway, but the inspiration levels are always insanely high throughout the final three months of the year. So welcome, dearest darling season. May you continue to inspire me with endless moody, atmospheric, and creepy stuff for as long as I'm able to hold a pen.


Danse Macabre

And for those reading this over at Goodreads, the embedded video won't show up, so here's the link. Perfect composition to capture the grim energy of Dracula's hunters (too bad the soundtrack's wasted on a godawful interpretation of Stoker's novel).

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