Friday, September 25, 2020

Out With the Old? Maybe?

Been thinking about donating all of my old author copies from my small press days, but with the pandemic still skulking around, I'm not sure if any of them will be accepted. I'd understand, naturally, but with the books gathering dust (and, to be honest, I didn't read any of them seeing as how I wrote them, myself, and already have digital copies saved in my computer and a flash drive), I really can't justify holding on to physical books. 

Or more like physical proof (ooohh!) of my stories. The only ones I'm holding on to are the single copies (that I paid for) of my self-published novels. The final versions of my old books are only in e-book format seeing as how I never sell print copies of anything, but I still offer them for my (more adult) self-published stuff. 

Funny how one's view changes as one ages, eh? I used to hold on desperately to books from my college days and ones I read from long ago that I really loved. But it took me not much energy to get over my instincts to "hoard" books when we finally uprooted ourselves and moved out of our old condo, to be honest. When my husband and I decided to get rid of our TV years prior to our move, it was an easier decision to arrive at compared to books, but I think it also helped me mentally adjust to a wholly different day-to-day experience when it came to those dusty old volumes.

My e-reader is a godsend, really. I've never had great eyesight and was already wearing glasses at thirteen. Having a portable library (yes!) whose contents I can easily adjust for reading comfort, size-wise, would have to be the best thing that's ever happened to me with regard to technology. And now with libraries offering digital copies of books, which I can also download on loan from Amazon (I have a Kindle), it makes things even doubly better. 

It's just unfortunate too many books published by mainstream presses don't end up in library catalogues, but I lay the blame squarely on the publishers in this case. But, oh, well. Thank the stars for small presses and indie authors and their flexibility in reaching a wider reading market. 

So I pretty much digressed in a big way there, but yeah - I'm going to be clearing my storage chest of my old small press books. I also have a bunch of other books and 1970s Japanese manga hanging around, and I'm wondering what to do with those as well. They're mostly collectible in the sense that they're no longer available anywhere (the manga I got from Yahoo auctions back in the day), but in the same breath, I've long moved on to other things. 

I don't even watch anime the way I used to, so I'm way, way out of the loop there. I don't even feel the urge to check stuff out no matter how many times friends and co-workers recommend titles for me to look into. Not even an ounce of curiosity about what the fuss is all about. I've just moved on to something else, mostly books that I discover through random searches or my Twitter timeline. 

For those books, anyway, I'll figure something out eventually, but for the time being, at least my overly late spring cleaning and "past de-cluttering" is more definite. It's just a matter of finding out where to send donations to with the pandemic still raging around me.

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