Friday, August 14, 2020

Messing With My Online Presence For the Gazillionth Time (Because Why Shouldn't I?)

It's been a while since my last update, and that's looking more and more like a regular thing from this point on. Real life (i.e., the day job) plus my writing are leaving me with not much else with regard to time and energy levels. I'd love to keep up a weekly update here, but with the summer soon giving way to fall and the holidays, there's just no way I'll be able to stick to a good schedule around here with my job getting busier and busier as time moves forward.

Add to that the mental fallout of the current pandemic (with clearly no real end in sight, at least for now), I'm less inclined to share longer and more thoughtful or even frivolous updates here. Good thing I'm still able to focus on writing, but even then, the actual experience hasn't been the same since pre-COVID-19 (as noted before, less joy in completing something and more exhausted relief instead).

I've already deleted my Smashwords account since I no longer publish and distribute my books through them. I'm also thinking of leaving this blog (perhaps even deleting it down the line) and using Goodreads full-time for book and publishing updates. Since Amazon owns Goodreads, I can at least link both accounts, so my updates will also show up on my author page at the 'Zon. I can also link my Goodreads account with Twitter for automatic updates, I think, which isn't something I can do with Blogger. 

By and large, I'm seriously considering going back to Twitter for my main playground (day-to-day microblogging, if at all, since I'm mostly RT-ing someone else's content right now) and linking that account to my Books2Read page. Pretty much the same set up I had back in the day when I had a much, much larger following that, sadly, turned a little too crazy and difficult to manage.

I like having a blog - a space online I can call my own that's far removed from the craziness of more popular and more active social media. But owning one requires dedication and perseverance when it comes to maintaining it, and it ain't happening as well as I'd like. If anything, I'm still not showing up on the first page of a search, but my author pages on Goodreads and Amazon both do. I confess I've had less than savory experiences with Goodreads in the past as a member of certain groups, but if that's where my best chances for a home lies, I'm all in.

I do hate being so wishy-washy about stuff like this, though. I'm one of those who prefer to just write and publish without the added pressure of needing a presence online.Granted, some successful indie writers are able to sell a lot of books that way in spite of being absent from the web, but they also write for massive markets like hetero romance and general mysteries and thrillers. My books are too narrow in scope to gain any traction, anyway, hence the need for a blog or a Twitter account.

So for the time being, I'm back in blogging limbo and am still mulling over stuff.

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