Saturday, August 1, 2020

August E-Book Sales: 'Banshee' and 'The Book of Lost Princes'

Hello, August! It's my birthday month, hence my choice for the e-books now available for 99 cents. Behold!

was the third book I debuted (simultaneously with a couple of others, I mean) as a gay YA writer back in 2008. It was, I admit, my favorite of those debut titles because it came the closest to the kind of novel I've always been in love with. Historical gothic romances, but this time, the MC is a gay young man who comes to terms with his nature and discovers love for the first time.

Like Icarus in Flight, it was an attempt at hewing close to realistic historical fiction, but unlike Icarus in Flight, there's that element of fantasy woven through, and it's a supernatural element that doesn't get rationalized away (i.e., a figment of Nathaniel's imagination and the effects of the growing rift happening in his family). Natty tries to, of course - desperately, even, but the existence of the ghost and its link to him is never really fully explained with clarity.

The supernatural simply is, and I like that. Natty's coming-of-age in this novel is bittersweet in many ways, but he emerges stronger and happier, and for this final edition of the book, I wrote an epilogue to clearly lay out his happy and love-filled future. Our young man gets his HEA, yes, and since it wasn't so obvious in previous editions of the book, it is now. I made sure of it.

And as for the anthology that's close to my heart, it would be The Book of Lost Princes, a collection of original gay YA fairytale novellas. I absolutely enjoyed the process of writing novellas (still do, really) and while the stories were originally published as individual titles, I figured an anthology would provide readers with a much fuller immersion in the worlds I created. 

The original edition of the anthology contained Benedict, The Weeping Willow, and Grave's End. I was at first hoping to follow that with a second anthology of more original gay YA fairytale novellas when I wrote Ansel of Pryor House, but stuff happened, life happened, and my focus was scattered, so nothing more came after that novella was published.

Now that I have all my rights back, however, I decided to release the anthology with Ansel of Pryor House included, so it won't be homeless. I also dusted off the old, abandoned idea of putting together another anthology like this, but with life turning out the way it did, I'm simply doubling down on two new series and nothing else.

That said, I consider Curiosities to be the grown-up follow-up to The Book of Lost Princes since each novel in the series is heavily folklore-influenced, so at least I'm able to fulfill a part of my promise to myself, anyway.

As always, thank you for buying my books, and I hope you enjoy them and let others know. Reviews are always greatly appreciated.

In other news, I've completed and uploaded the ultimate and final version of Automata. I'm now free to move on with Eidolon while going back and tackling the first round of revisions and edits for Agnes of Haywood Hall. Huzzah, huzzah, and all that jazz.

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