Friday, July 3, 2020

Franz Sedlacek: Muse to the Rescue!

So that recent blog post about the future of the two series I'm working on? One just got a nice jolt in the butt courtesy of Franz Sedlacek, an Austrian artist who specialized in a form of magical realism in art. And I love his stuff. Funnily enough, some of them are darkly humorous pieces that are giving me some serious ideas for the future installments of the Ghosts and Tea series.

I mean, look:

Apparition Above the Trees
Apparition Above the Trees

Ghosts on a Tree

The Sad Family

How can anyone say no to any of those? I can picture poor Freddy struggling to figure out what the effing hell is going on with the flying ghost and the ghosts on the tree while Prue just sighs and shakes her head because she's so over this. The "Ghosts on a Tree" is easily the kind of fun idea to play with in the third book, and maybe "The Sad Family" will be in the fourth, which means the "Apparition Above the Trees" will inspire the fifth. 

There are also a couple of side stories that need to be dealt with, though Antigonous's troubles at home will be sorted out by the end of Agnes of Haywood Hall even if the after effects will carry on into the future novels, which can lead to more fun stuff to torture him with. Agnes of Haywood Hall has more than one haunting being sorted out, but the third book may focus on only one just like the first book focuses on one dominant haunting. Prue might even be convinced to wander the countryside now and then in search of poisonous plants to tell Felicity about.

At any rate, I'm here cheering because there's definitely life in the series. So yay!

And, you know, depending on how smoothly things work out in the course of writing this book and Eidolon, there's still a chance of tweaking the release schedule for 2021 in order to accommodate three books and not two. I'm trying to keep my spirits up, and while real life still hasn't gone back to normal (and may never will at least in terms of the "old" normal versus the "new"), at least it hasn't chipped away at the drive to write more stories. Even if we're down to just two series at this point and no more. I really would rather develop Curiosities and Ghosts and Tea with new installments than scatter my attention even more with three or four series simultaneously. That's definitely asking for trouble.

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