Saturday, July 25, 2020

'Agnes of Haywood Hall' is Done (Plus Final Weekend Push for July E-Book Sale)

Awesome news - Agnes of Haywood Hall is finished, first draft-wise. I got the book done sooner than planned (originally had it marked for a mid-August completion then end of July), but the lightness and low angst nature of the novel made the writing process go much faster than anticipated.

By the time I'm done with this, it'll be a touch shorter than The Ghosts of St. Grimald Priory, but still inside my ideal length for an epistolary novel, which is shorter compared to my other books (55K-60K). The unexpected early completion of the first draft is also convincing me to follow the three-book-per-year release schedule, which has been a pretty standard one for me as of late.

Originally my plan was to give this book a spring release (April) and then the next Curiosities book a fall release (October). With my work and writing schedule being streamlined (somehow it happened, and I'm able to keep to it), I'm now looking at a winter (February), summer (June), and fall (October) publishing schedule as long as I'm strict with the writing calendar I set up for myself.

It helps greatly having a book completed six months before the actual publication date since it allows me more time to clean it up and then move forward with the next book without feeling the kind of pressure I used to feel getting stuff out there in well under that time frame.

I'm also guessing this lockdown situation plus the overriding grimness of the state of the world is also affecting my progress, i.e., there's no fun stuff to be distracted with (sadly) besides books and streaming films, and my attention's shrunk to the size of my day-to-day activities and nothing more beyond that. So the march forward with any WIP is unrelenting with no space for anything else.

Admittedly, I'm also feeling much more relieved than jubilant the way I used to when I finish a new book, which sucks, but that's how current affairs are affecting me. I used to post a celebratory disco video after the first draft of a novel's done, but not anymore. It's like a determined, razor-sharp focus on what I'm going to do next without any extraneous crap anywhere.

So! Here's the publication schedule for 2021:

February - Agnes of Haywood Hall (Ghosts and Tea #2)
June - Eidolon (Curiosities #3)
October - (still untitled - Ghosts and Tea #3)

The calendar will continue to follow an alternating sequence between the two series I'm focusing on. February of 2022 will see the release of a Curiosities installment, etc.

And to close, this is a final weekend push for the July e-book sales I have going! Both Icarus in Flight and Children of Hyacinth are only 99 cents each. I posted a bit of background stuff on both books over here, so trundle on over and check them out if you're considering purchasing either or both books and want to know a wee bit more about them.

Come August (my birthday month, hey!), two new books will be taking their place.

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