Friday, June 12, 2020

Well, That Was Quick...

Things continue to be weird, schedule-wise, but that's about to end now that we got the green light to open the doors for full customer service (masks and social distancing required, of course) starting next week. And with limited store hours for now, my work schedule's pretty consistent, which will help me with my writing.

This week has been a big, stinking pile of cow poo on the attempt-to-be-amazingly-disciplined front. No dice there. A couple of attempts, and I had to pull back for my health's sake considering the way my hours were all over the place. I do have at least a three-day weekend, so I can make up for lost time and then regenerate before plunging officially into back-to-business mode next week.

It's going to be a very strange return all in all. I can't expect anything else, to be honest. This year has surpassed all records of dark surrealism, and it's really all I can do to plow onward with whatever I have. Some writers, especially those who publish full-time, are struggling, and I hope their ships get righted as soon as possible, but that massive, gray nebulous blob of future uncertainty continues to hang in space over everyone.

I guess the one thing this year has taught me is to take things one day at a time. I used to look too far ahead, losing sight of what's more immediate and more important, but not anymore. Each twenty-four-hour cycle is now a battleground in a way, and each end of the day is a celebration of having survived X number of hours in a state of feeling adrift and yet not, going about familiar tasks while somehow feeling oddly detached from them.

I don't know if others are going through the same things, but that's how I can articulate my present mental state. I'd probably go into a longer, more detailed analysis of this, but I won't, especially since I slept for nine hours last night because I was so damn exhausted after coming home from work.

Anyway, my author copy of The Ghosts of St. Grimald Priory arrived this week, and I'm back to being stoked and giddy about having another book under my belt - one that, I really hope, readers who've purchased a copy have enjoyed or are enjoying. So behold the vanity post!

I might have already gone over to the dark side of e-book publishing, but there's still that shadow of the thrill of having a physical copy of your own work in your clammy hands. One thing about writing and publishing - seeing your progress in a digital file is one thing, but whenever the print copy arrives, it really grounds home all those hours you've spent putting into words - and nothing but words - a world of your own making with characters caught in situations only you can come up with.

So there we are, with one book out for a new series. The follow-up is coming along well, and I'm already getting an idea of what the third book's going to be all about. The series will remain episodic, but there are a few side plots whose thin strands still work their way into future books. As for Eidolon,  I'm hoping to tackle the first chapter this weekend.

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