Monday, June 8, 2020

Walking in the Footsteps of Masters (Plus 'Dead Still')

One of the things I've been coming across now and than involves the habits of other writers, and after months (okay, years) of dragging my feet and finding one excuse after another, I'm now trying to establish a more rigid writing schedule for myself. I mean, the idea of getting that done before starting my day makes a buttload of sense, but I'm not a morning person, hence my wishy-washiness over it.

What got me back on this is my day job, which I'm now reinstated to my old full-time position (we had to get the doctor's clearance first), and at the moment, we're only doing curbside pickup at the store, hence my odd hours.

That said, I've gotten so used to these odd hours, at times waking up at four in the morning in order to ensure I get on the bus at the right time (I still use public transport to commute, but we're all required to wear face masks, which is good). So continuing that even with a slightly later shift isn't too hard. Or it shouldn't be, anyway.

I'm always too tired when I get home to do any additional brain work, which means my writing will have to be set aside for the weekend, and it ends up being squeezed in between chores and errands. Not ideal, but necessary.

This morning, I got up at four to write for an hour and a half. And I managed a chapter, with my brain fresh though still a touch sleepy (nothing a cup of hot tea and a quick bite of something can't fix). Of course, the downside is it does make me go through a longer than normal day with my full-time job, but it'll force me into a rigid schedule that, I hope, will help me with my productivity. I know I'll be too wiped out later to do anything more than clean up and then tumble into bed by nine o'clock, if not sooner.

It's definitely a weird experience for me to go to bed while it's still light outside, but there it is. Fingers crossed that I'll be able to keep this up this week, at least, and see where it takes me.

Also, a bonus trailer for a series I'd love to see:

Why haven't I heard of this show before? It was only by sheer accident that I ran across the trailer, and it was when I was just messing around Youtube, having fun with my sisters as we shared one nostalgic song after another from the good old college days. Club music, that is. But yeah - now I have to see this series, and it looks like Amazon offers it through one of their subscription services. Welp... I have to dig into this a little more. Historical dark comedies are most welcome. 

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