Monday, June 1, 2020

June E-Book Sale (Two of 'Em!)

New month, new sale(s)! This time, we've got two books from my backlist, and the e-books will be 99 cents each all month long. Here be the goods...

The Winter Garden and Other Stories

This is a previously published anthology of gay YA fairy tales (original and retold) that made the American Library Association's Round Table list for LGBT YA books recommended for schools. There are a few stories in this book that I thought about expanding into novels, but I decided not to pursue that as the point of each story works best in a shorter and more succinct format, not more expansive and more complicated plots.

Here's the blurb:
Strange music from a legendary haunted glade can only be heard by a special boy. A grieving young man turns to the dark arts to bring his deceased lover back. A soiled and tired knight protects the innocent from the threat of a dragon. Young love blooms in a desolate garden.
Familiar and original fairy tales, myths, and legends explore the complexities in a gay teen's coming-of-age through allegory and metaphor. Rain-drenched circuses, old wives' tales involving candles in windows, water-irises deep in a wood, lonely fairy kings, and magical Christmas parties. These stories not only present valuable lessons, but also provide an escape into worlds in which a gay teen can see himself as the center of adventure, romance, horror, tragedy, and triumph.
Contains the following stories: "Clouds' Illusions", "Erl-King", "Out of the Depths", "The Bridge", "The Dollhouse", "The Haunted Glade", "The Knight", "The Water-Irises", and "The Winter Garden".

A Murder of Crows

This is the sixth and final book in the Arcana Europa series, and it's a standalone set in Luxembourg. After I wrote Hell-Knights, which takes place in Italy (Venice), I realized I kept writing stories based on popular spots for historical settings (England, France, and Italy for the first three books) and decided to explore less-frequented countries. Sweden, Wallachia (before it was Romania), and now Luxembourg were the results, and I did research on some of those countries' unique features that can be infused with magic (both light and dark).

Luxembourg is a tiny landlocked country that was fought over for its strategic location in times of war, and its demographics are pretty diverse. In the time period of the novel, I focused on different groups that either immigrated to the country or visited often (Dutch, Belgian, and German), with Mathieu being the lone Frenchman and an outsider, if you will.

The magic is related to art - because I wanted to highlight the Dutch Masters and their contribution to art, especially in painting - so paint becomes a weapon, if you will. And as with the other books in the series, this is an AU Europe where religion and science work with as well as bow to Nature, and there's no one deity (one all-powerful god) anywhere.

So! Here's the blurb:
Blessed with the unique talent of Inscriptive magic, twenty-year-old Mathieu Perrault leaves his old life in France and the orphanage that has been his home since his childhood for work as the new tutor to a five-year-old mute girl. His head filled with dreams and endless possibilities, Mathieu soon finds himself in a great house tucked away in the quiet wooded hills of the northern region of Luxembourg.
A house occupied by an ailing Dutch artist, one burdened with a terrible secret, and his charming family. A house shadowed by the sudden death of a well-loved servant. A servant, in fact, whose ghost stirs from its dusky world and seeks out Mathieu in terror. Through echoes of past events in unlit hallways, incoherent messages carved into walls, and the eerie vigilance of crows guarding the family, the ghost does what it can to warn Mathieu of a coming danger.
And in the midst of warmth, laughter, and family, of friendship and magic, of young love blooming against a backdrop of terrible heartache and tragedy, Mathieu searches for answers in a dreamer's bid to give the ghost the peace long denied it. All the while, a twisted shadow from the past creeps forward, inching closer and closer to him, a vicious hunger that leaves ruin and death in its wake.
In that isolated great house among the silent trees and the watchful crows, Mathieu will soon learn that the restoration of balance in a world gone awry doesn't always lie in the sphere of ordinary, mortal men.

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