Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sidebar Updated (But With Temporarily Wonky Links)

Just a quick heads up - I updated my blog's sidebar to reflect the new book release and the upcoming e-book sales for June. However, the links will take you either to pages that aren't live yet or pages that don't reflect the status of the books as indicated.

The corresponding blog posts are already done, and they're scheduled to be posted at midnight, June 1.

Arabesque is still on sale till the end of today, but I've already pulled that sidebar gadget down, so apologies for that. You can still get a copy for the 99 cent sale price if you were planning to snag one over here.

I'll be at work all day tomorrow, hence the pre-release / pre-sale update, as I won't be able to do any of that on Monday. And since I have to get up at five-ish o'clock in the morning tomorrow, I really do need to get off my computer ASAP and just chill so I can go to bed at an ungodly early hour or I'll turn into a pumpkin.

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