Sunday, May 3, 2020

A Bit of Release Date Shuffling for 'Automata'

What can I say? The beauty of this tweet is unparalleled. Or, in short, I laughed my ass off. I doesn't hurt that someone down thread mentioned the event happened last year, which certainly can account for everything that's happening this year.

I'm done with cleaning up The Ghosts of St. Grimald Priory, and I've already begun revision work on Automata. I did consider waiting till next week for that, but I just got a call from my boss, and I'm being asked to come in for a partial work week starting this week. So I'll be dividing my schedule again, which means now's a good time to get cracking on more revision work.

No, our store isn't open for business yet even for curbside pickup, but stuff does need to be done in the back room - primarily in my department, which is almost like in the bowels of the store - so I'm back to work at minimum capacity this week. It'll be just me and my boss there for a while, and we'll be working in separate parts of the store and being completely closed off from the public, but I'm expected to wear a mask and gloves, naturally.

Some semblance of normalcy is one thing I look forward to. I know too well that the new normal after this blows over will never be what we had before shit hit the fan, so all I can do realistically is live one day at a time. Can't look too far ahead, and I shouldn't look back.

And I deviated a little from the point of this post, which is to let everyone know that I've decided to move the release date of Automata from December to October. It's my way of setting down a fixed schedule of new releases every six months starting this year. From October, it'll be six months before the next Ghosts and Tea book will be published (April) and another six months before the next Curiosities book will come out (October).

All the monthly e-book sales for the rest of the year will also be shuffled a little, which brings me to my second point. And that is on the months of new releases, I'll be offering an e-book sale as well, so there won't be a break from that. I thought at first to skip those months with new books coming out, but considering the uncertainty of the future, I'd like to offer a price break throughout the year for my backlist.

I haven't decided on which book to offer for 99 cents in June, but I'll definitely let everyone know once it's all set up.

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