Sunday, April 12, 2020

Updated Cover Art for 'The Ghosts of St. Grimald Priory' (And a New Series Name)

Well, lookit dis! I decided to mess around some more with the cover art I put together for The Ghosts of St. Grimald Priory, and now we have a more colorful design making use of an actual photo of a stained glass window (a detail of, anyway).

I actually have a couple more mockups set aside, and I'm looking to use those for future books in this series.

I'm trying to keep to a single design approach to the covers for this series pretty much in the same vein as the covers for Curiosities. The fonts will be the same, and the titles and author names will also be in the same static position. The only difference between this one and Curiosities is that the color for the title and author will be just black against a white background, while Curiosities will be more color-coordinated with the image.

It's one of those things I wish I took more seriously when I was writing the Arcana Europa books, but at that time, I didn't know that Guardian Angel was going to somehow lead to future installments albeit a collection of standalone novels. At least Dolores pretty much came as close to having a unifying look, but shit didn't get real till Curiosities. And shit will continue get real with this new one.

And speaking of...

New series title for dear Prue and Freddy (yes, I misspelled the British version of Freddie in the past, but I shall correct that): Ghosts and Tea. Clear, concise, to the point. And it doesn't take itself seriously just as the book doesn't take spiritualism and ghosts seriously. I've yet to add it to my book page, and I'll do that when I have an idea of the book blurb swimming around in the old brain pan.

Today's the first day for the revisions and edits for the book, and I'm dying to finally have it available for everyone to enjoy.

I'll be chattier this week than previously, so beware of random stuff suddenly popping up around here. In the meantime, have a lovely Easter, however you celebrate it (if at all). Please stay safe, be kind to others, and read, read, read every book you can get your curious hands on.

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