Monday, April 20, 2020

Looking Ahead: 'Agnes of Haywood Hall' and 'Eidolon'

The last two new books for this year are currently being prepared for publication, and I'm looking way, way ahead to next year with the books now on the production line. Since I'm kind of stuck at home for another (insert number here) weeks, I'm taking full advantage of this time and am already getting things prepped for 2021.

I have to admit I had way too many ideas that I can use for the next book in the Ghosts and Tea series, and it took me a while to decide on which one to go for given how the first book ended. But we finally have a title, a cover, and a preliminary story outline.

This second book in the new series will follow the aftermath of the botched up efforts at ghost-helping (in a manner of speaking) in the first. I'm planning to make the series episodic, so that way it's not one long, continuous story with several side appendages.

The same characters save for maybe one key side character who's closely involved in the climax of the first book will return, and as the series progresses, other characters only mentioned in passing in previous books will get to have their time in the limelight.

As I type this, I have the release date for this book set for spring of 2021. I'll be devoting the remaining months of this year in writing the book.

And for the third novel in the Curiosities series, I also have the preliminary outline done, and the story will take us back to St. Jude in Bohemia, though the characters will be a different set, this time a tiny family moving from Austria. It'll also be the first family I'll be writing whose parents are same-sex, which means the child (the hero of the novel) will be adopted just like Alexej Sauveterre.

I haven't decided on the names of the characters yet, but there's a slight difference in the way the cursed wish is made in this book compared to the previous ones. There's also a bit of a Rebecca vibe in Eidolon that's making me kinda giddy.

*points at book cover* That's a dead person you're looking at.

And for Eidolon, we're looking at around the holidays next year for the book release. Yeppers, I'm so ahead of the game, it's freaking me out a little. I did tackle this year's new releases simultaneously, so that really freed up so much time for the rest of 2020.

I'm definitely feeling a hell of a lot more hopeful and confident about my books, and it's something I need to hold on to considering how everything else is uncertain. And on that note, I'll be back with more stuff to share (important and otherwise). Again, stay safe, everyone!

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