Saturday, March 21, 2020

'The Ghosts of St. Grimald Priory' - Done!

And so we have it - The Ghosts of St. Grimald Priory is now finished, currently clocking in at 49,090 words and 29 chapters. However, that word count will very much end up breaking the 50,000-word mark once revisions and edits are complete.

I'm pretty stoked about this since I've never written an epistolary novel before (a two-part fanfic from around 20 years ago doesn't count by any stretch), and while there's a lot that needs to be fixed, the plot ended up a lot of fun to write. And as a bit of a quick peek, I can share a wee snippet with you. Warning: not edited.

From Chapter 1: Prudence Honeysett's Journal
16 September -- ...If anything, they ought to celebrate. I’d managed to outdo them both by purchasing old and expansive property for an exceedingly cheap price. And it comes with its own magnificent oriel windows looking out onto the walled front courtyard as well as three life-sized statues of hooded monks littering the interior in random spots like grim reminders of the destiny awaiting the younger sons of the titled and penniless.

I do believe I shall enjoy being a recluse. And tucked snugly away in an old, old priory named after some fellow (St. Grimald) whom ascetics clearly venerated enough to, well, erect a conventual house of sorts for whatever activities ascetics engaged in (very likely prayer and starvation and perhaps a sampling of sauciness every now and then). I daresay Antigonus will expect me to be burnt to a crisp one day from all the residual holiness that plagues such places.

I shan’t give him the satisfaction, brother or no brother.

18 September -- The keys to St. Grimald Priory are now mine. And so are two more cats. Mr. Brummell will now be the indulgent stepbrother to a pair of younger (yet far bigger) mousers: Nicodemus and Nero the Mad.

One thing about the book - while the characters are English, the journal entries and letters all have American spelling, not British. I might have to add an author's note at the beginning as a heads up. I'll be taking a bit of a break for a few days before diving back in for revisions and edits, and then I'll pick up where I left off with Automata afterwards.

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