Friday, March 27, 2020

Some Much-Needed Distraction (Or "Hey, I Found the Theme Song for 'Curiosities'")

Decided to ease up and slow down with the writing not only because the final stretch for Automata just added one more chapter to the total. It happens. A lot. But that's writing for you. Another thing is that work is currently in limbo and utterly dependent on when the shelter in place order gets lifted. I honestly don't see that happening for at least another month, and the company I work for told me they've got people covered through the end of April. Then everything's up in the air beyond.

Full-timers like me are still around, but the part-timers (i.e., the majority of the staff) have been laid off in order to allow them the time to apply for unemployment insurance. I'm hoping that, when things are back and running again, everyone will come back, but that's most likely not going to happen. It sucks. I love the people I work with, and when I started my medical leave, I was expecting to see everyone again when I come back. This is leaving a pretty shitty hole in me right now, and I've been doing my best to distract myself with writing, reading, exercise, and some other forms of entertainment.

And I'm starting to feel a bit down again over the loss of my coworkers and friends, so time for something more positive.

I stumbled across a really magnificent piece by Schubert that made me think of the stories I've written, am currently writing, and am planning for Curiosities. It's very - atmospheric - without being overly dramatic, and it warms my little black heart to see the next generation of classical music artists bringing it home. I love it. Everything about the piece itself ties in very neatly with events, characters, and the settings for both Dollhouse and Automata, and I'll be turning to this video again and again once I start working on Eidolon.

And the link to the video for those who're reading this on Goodreads.

Atmospheric, a touch romantic, and a bit mysterious. Yeah. That sounds about right. I've been looking up other music videos as well for my own story playlist in a way, and so far, Schubert's piece is spot on. So expect me to share more music (or non-music videos) here as a way of keeping everyone's spirits up during this crisis. And please stay safe, everyone.


You read that right! *points* This is the final weekend for the 99 cent e-book sale for Ambrose. Another book will be pimped out once April rolls around.

Fresh out of college and armed with nothing more than a degree in Art History, Leander Caron strikes out on his own in a bid to find some direction in his life. His efforts land him in Dolores, a city burdened with shadows of grief and death. Where ghosts yearn for their past. Where sorcerer-hunters heed the call of the goddess of the crossroads and battle darker forces from the otherworld.

A cheerful, artistic, and doting widow welcomes him into her old Victorian house as her lone boarder, and there Leander finds the company and affection he's never enjoyed from his own mother. Luck changes for him as well in the guise of Efrain Thorley, a sorcerer-hunter who not only offers him desperately needed employment but also a reason to hope for a happiness Leander has never come to expect for himself.

But as it happens in a world shaped by potent forces of old magic and science, inexplicable events gradually turn into alarming confrontations with malignant forces from a shadow world. Portraits meant to comfort the grieving turn into corrupted shades of their inspiration. An unseen presence watches an isolated young man with heartbreaking yearning. And something dangerous and terrifying shadows Leander's steps night after night. Inching closer and closer. Confounding Efrain's efforts and all but ensuring Leander's fate as collateral damage in a failed hunt.
And here's the book page.

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