Sunday, March 8, 2020

2020 Calendar and the Usual Signal Boosts

First off... weekly updates will now be on Sunday because it's kind of a sensible approach. Yes? Yes. Anyway, as the post title says: this is mostly all about the upcoming release calendar I have planned. There might be changes, but if so, they'll be extremely minor.

Release Schedule for 2020

Ambrose E-book sale

The Amaranth Maze E-book sale

Masks: the Original Trilogy republication
Arabesque E-book sale

The Ghosts of St. Grimald Priory publication

Curse of Arachnaman republication
Banshee E-book sale

Mimi Attacks! republication
The Winter Garden and Other Stories E-book sale

Dr. Morbid's Castle of Blood republication
Icarus in Flight E-book sale

The Porcelain Carnival republication
Helleville E-book sale

Children of Hyacinth E-book sale

Automata publication

Notice that June and December are strictly earmarked for the new releases, and no sale or re-release is scheduled at the same time. The rest of the months are fair game, of course. And now for the obligatory signal boost (and as you can judge from the too-familiar info, I just copied and pasted those bad boys into this post... because I can):

New Releases / Current Releases

Dollhouse is available in both e-book and print formats. For the main book page, go here, and the links will take you to different online stores for copies of the e-book. The print book is currently published through Amazon's print program, and the book page for that is over here.

This book is the first volume of a new series, Curiosities, and as I type this, the second book is roughly halfway finished, while a possible third volume is still percolating.

March E-Book Sale: Ambrose

And for the month of March, we have the first book of the Dolores series on sale for 99 cents. Compared to the subsequent books in this series, which are long novellas, Ambrose is a novel. This book introduces readers to the fictional city of Dolores in California, and the series itself is the contemporary version of the Arcana Europa.

So basically it's modern-day California that's also highly influenced by magic in all its forms, and elements from the otherworld affect everyone's lives in some way or another. Leander Caron meets Efrain Thorley, who's a sorcerer-hunter, while staying at a room in an old house owned by a sweet and friendly widow who's painting portraits of her deceased husband, Ambrose. And as it sometimes happens, weird things take place in the old house, and Efrain suspects Leander's in danger the longer he stays there.

Miscellaneous Stuff

As you can see, this blog is now the only place where anyone can find me online. With the reversal of my rights to the last of my traditionally published books, I'll no longer have an author page elsewhere besides Books2Read (link is on my Book Page). This blog is also linked to Amazon and to Goodreads, so whatever updates I post here will show up there as well.

Twitter remains tiny and quiet, and I'm still holding on to it though I'm barely updating over there. Might as well keep it and link to my blog updates there as well, but it's really more of a social media backup for me. I'm still going to see just how far I go with Blogger since my site still doesn't show up on the first page of a Google search, but at least Books2Read does. If people still have a difficult time finding me online, at least Goodreads, Amazon, and Books2Read all have this site linked there, and all folks can do is to follow the breadcrumbs.

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