Friday, February 21, 2020

Wonky Thumb Update

All righty-o. Surgery's over, my hand resembles a mummy freshly wrapped by a novice mummifier. I'm getting myself used to typing with one less functional finger, and keeping my right hand slightly elevated because of my overly stiffened thumb does cause a minor achy discomfort in said thumb. That said, my left thumb's been a really good sport being the temporary de facto space bar clicker / hitter / whatever-er.

But yeah:

Somewhere in there is a sewn-up thumb, I promise.
So right now I'm giving myself some time to recover from the surgery and the inevitable pain that comes with the post-op experience. It's slowly easing up, thanks largely to good old ibuprofen (really the only NSAID that works for me, which makes my prescription acetaminophen pretty useless - trust me, I tried it and regretted it).

I've been reading book after book, but I'll test the waters this weekend on the writing front. It'll be a clumsy and slower-going process, but it's better than nothing.

And as a bit of a heads up, I'm noticing a pretty spotty access to this blog as of late. If it isn't just me, I wouldn't be surprised if it's a Blogger thing. If so, I'll keep an eye out for another place where I can migrate my home, and I'll keep everyone posted about it. Very irritating, but sadly unsurprising since Blogger's really at the bottom of the pile when it comes to a good online home for basic bloggers like me.


  1. Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery!

    1. Thank you! Last night went well - no hand pain at all, so I'm going to start easing up on the pain meds.