Monday, February 24, 2020

On Botched Restorations for Inspiration, New Release and E-Book Sale Signal Boosts, Future Release Calendar

I decided to do weekly updates on what's up starting now as I'd hate to make so much noise from my cobwebby corner over unnecessary or uninteresting stuff. I'll be posting these roundups every Monday. So here we go...


Here's a cheeky inspiration for St. Grimald Priory (which, by the way, still doesn't have an official title, largely because the focus has shifted a tad in the course of writing the book, so what sounded good then doesn't sound so cool now). Behold the worst art "restoration" in all of human history:

When Prue acquires the priory, she expresses dismay at the dozen or so paintings of saints that have been "restored" by someone who lived there (very clearly one of the monks who came way before her), and her description of them runs along the lines of "flat-faced, dead-eyed monkeys" (description subject to change, of course).

All the oddities she ends up inheriting, in addition to the more legit and grander elements like the original mullion windows, the oriel window looking out onto the front courtyard, etc., are amateur attempts at protecting the priory from insidious, supernatural influences. Those "restored" paintings are very much a part of the lot, and it's so much fun working the real-life thing into the story.

I'm working in a light touch of magic and fantastical elements into the book in order to open the story (current and potential future ones) to the pitfalls of death magic but without turning the story into a blatantly AU historical novel like my usual stuff. A hint of the fantastical is all I need. Just a hint.

New Releases / Current Releases

Dollhouse is available in both e-book and print formats. For the main book page, go here, and the links will take you to different online stores for copies of the e-book. The print book is currently published through Amazon's print program, and the book page for that is over here. This book is the first volume of a new series, Curiosities, and as I type this, the second book is roughly halfway finished, while a possible third volume is still percolating.

Monthly E-Book Sale

February has Rose and Spindle up for grabs for only 99 cents. It's a gay YA romcom and a retelling of the "Sleeping Beauty" fairy tale from the POV of two side characters in relation to the cursed princess. The sale will go through the 29th of this month (the end of this week!), so if you haven't tried it out yet, now's your chance for this price. Here's some extra info on the novel. A new book will be put on the block next month.

Future Releases

This one is for next year, actually. I'm whittling down my releases to two new novels a year, and if the subsequent books do pan out for both my current WIPs, my projected release dates will be April for the epistolary series and October for Curiosities.

I haven't been inspired to add another story to the Dolores series, but that's not to say that one's dead in the water. It's still wide open to new installments, and I just tend to be inspired more with historical fantasy stuff than modern-day stuff. So I'm not doing anything for that series this year as well as next year. In the off-chance that something fresh and new bites along the way, I can make that new installment the first published book for 2022.

I'm taking this slowing down of releases very seriously, and my thumb surgery is certainly adding fuel to the fire. I'm avoiding burnout or the dying off of inspiration and / or motivation to write. A slower pace is necessary from this point on.

Miscellaneous Stuff

My hand is coming along well. The past couple of days have been pretty pain-free, much to my surprise, though a quick and minor ache / discomfort does happen at very random times. They tend to happen when I'm keeping my hand still for too long, so that's a great motivator for me to use it as close to normal as possible, especially with my unwrapped fingers. I'm set to see the nurse on Tuesday for a follow-up visit (the first of four), which, I hope, includes not just a change of dressings, but also the allowance for greater wrist movement. My use of ibuprofen has gone significantly down, so I'm hopeful for a very good visit with the nurse.

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