Saturday, February 15, 2020

Distractions Are Always A Good Thing

My kind of social media content. Har. Despite the three reboots I did following my oldest account over at Twitter, I'm still barely holding on with the current one, which I'm not ID-ing as a Hayden Thorne account. By and large, I'm still there, keeping to a very, very low profile just for the content. I follow larger accounts that don't follow me back since I'm not a steady or productive presence over there, and I've nothing substantial to share with everyone.

All the same, I'm sticking to that account and will be sitting on it for a while till I figure out what to do with it. For now I'm just there, more of a "listener" than a talker, RT-ing more than saying something original, let alone of some interest to anyone. I'm also using that account to direct random interest to this place as I do link to my blog posts over there, too.

And speaking of blog posts...

Considering how weighty my previous post is, I think it's safe to say I'm going through what would be something like a mid-life crisis (existential and identity, obviously) for writers. That, too, shall pass, like all phases do, but for now brace yourselves for a good deal of heavy-duty waffling and internal debates masquerading as emo blog posts.

I certainly would love to post snippets of either of my WIPs, but from what I understand, once shared online, it's considered published. That idea, though, could only apply to writers on the hunt for literary agents and eventually publication via the large, mainstream presses and not indie writers who have more control over the process of getting their books out.

That said, I'll hold off and just share bits about the process and the inspiration behind the books.

And another distraction: the trailer for Wes Anderson's next movie dropped this past week, and I'm stoked.

I'm a massive fan of Anderson's visual aesthetic (candy-colors, stylized, and whimsical) as well as his deadpan humor. I own The Grand Budapest Hotel and really enjoyed Isle of Dogs but am still behind in catching up with the rest of his filmography. I do hope he makes his cast of characters way more diverse than what we're used to seeing, however.

If I have any complaints about his work, it's the fact that the characters are so homogeneous. A random PoC may be tossed in here and there, but by and large, not exactly a fact worth lauding. I suppose his films are massive ensemble types, so the pie's all but obliterated among the actors, with fractions of fractions up for grabs. At least that's how I tend to see his films (even if only as trailers for those I've yet to see).

In all other respects, I love his work, and I really look forward to the new film.

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