Saturday, January 11, 2020

So... About That Release Schedule

I've decided to do the alternate publishing schedule for the two new books coming out this year. I was at first planning to release Automata in the summer and then The Ghosts of St. Grimald Priory closer to Christmas because at that time, I only had a two-book series planned for Curiosities. Logically it made sense to keep the two books as close together as possible in publishing schedules, but happily, a third novel idea has been percolating in ye olde gray cells, so it'll be better to space stuff out instead.

The third book is currently titled Eidolon, which, I think, works much more effectively than Mirror or Looking-Glass. That said, the cursed object needs to be physical, so I'm trying to work on how to highlight just that. I already have a couple of options, but I'm jumping ahead of myself here. Automata hasn't been completed yet. Gotta focus on that first. But at least I've got something going.

At any rate, this year's release schedule (ideally, i.e., if cosmic forces take pity on me) would be

January - Dollhouse
June / July - The Ghosts of St. Grimald's Priory
November / December - Automata

In 2021, I'm looking at two books spaced out at six months between them, which would be the ideal release schedule for me.

Another thing is that The Ghosts of St. Grimald's Priory is currently morphing so that

a) the long novella's looking more and more like a novel, and I'm not going to fight it if that's the case, and
b) the title will change to make room for a possible series (yes, another one).

As always, we're still pretty early in the game, and things can still change quite a bit. I don't want to publicly commit myself at least on this book now that Curiosities has also undergone its own change in direction, if you will. For now, watch this space, and I'll post updates as things progress.

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