Friday, January 3, 2020

Now Available: Dollhouse (Curiosities #1)

And the first new novel for the year (and decade!) is now here. Dollhouse is available from different online stores, including Amazon. The print book is also on its way to being listed, and I'll let everyone know when that page is up as well.*

At any rate, go here for the book.

* Update: The print book is listed here.


A bright future stretches out before Arthur Summerfield when he and his sister, Jane, are whisked off to the continent by Jane's fiancé. Catching the attention of a wealthy traveler ushers the pair into an exciting world filled with new friendships, young love, and a darkly magical land of misty mountains and mysterious guardian wolves.

While Arthur settles down into his new life in the town of St. Jude, Jane and Matus move into a centuries-old converted tower house fifty miles away. One that welcomes its new residents after decades of emptiness.

And centuries of loneliness.

The new residents stir the silent walkers of the house, their fates nothing more than cryptic entries in the journals of a long-dead mistress. As the house awakens, Arthur also draws the attention of Bohemia's guardian wolves, summoned to the town by their ancestor's calls.

Past and present come together in a chilling montage of centuries-old tragedies, an orphan's brush with the occult, and a young man who suddenly finds himself the focus of supernatural forces. Alone, armed with nothing but his wits, Arthur must venture into the deepening shadows of a haunted tower house to save the lives of those he loves most.

* * * * *


This new series runs along similar lines as the Arcana Europa series in that the stories all take place in an alternate universe Victorian Europe where magic and same-sex relationships thrive. The difference between the two is focus. In the new series, there's one specific villain involved, and each story centers on an artifact that's cursed because an innocent victim wishes on it.

The curse comes from the villain (a minor god of the underworld in mythology), and when a person wishes for something in its presence, the wish is granted, with the object (physical representation of the victim's dearest wish) becomes cursed. The wish is then twisted to destroy the victim, and their soul is claimed.

I've opted to use one-word titles for each book in the series, which will give the reader an idea which object is turned into a weapon against the main character.

* * * * *

I'll be posting an excerpt on this blog this weekend.

Tags for the curious: alternate universe, Victorian, gay, gothic horror, ghosts, Europe, gothic romance

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