Friday, January 17, 2020

New Custom Domain, A Functional Contact Gadget, and Health News

I finally bought a custom domain, which my old account will redirect to. Now that I'm settling down here, I figured I might as well make the most of it even though I'm still using a pretty basic free blog and not the more superior self-hosted Wordpress site. It's all good.

One issue that bothered me before now involved the contact form on my sidebar. It didn't work or stopped working, and after trawling through the support forums, I learned that it only works with blogs with custom domains. I added it back to my sidebar once my new domain went live, and sure enough, it worked when I tested it.

So whew! I apologize to anyone who's tried to reach out to me before through the contact form. I never received the messages then, but I do now. So feel free to email me if you have questions about my books or anything or if you simply wish to say hello. :)

And, finally, some health updates.

I talked before about my injured right thumb. I now have the surgery already scheduled, and that'll be on February 19. I expect to be wearing a cast for around six weeks, and I'll be on medical leave between six to twelve weeks. I hope not, to be honest. I'd rather go back to work even at a limited capacity after eight weeks, but I know everything will depend on how quickly and how well I'll heal.

I'll still be able to type since the cast will only be concentrated around my thumb and wrist. As long as the other four fingers of my right hand are left alone, I'll be fine.

The surgery will be a joint fusion on my thumb, which will remove the pain but will severely limit movement. That is, I won't be able to bend my thumb normally since the joint won't exist anymore. It'll be a bit of a learning curve when it comes to holding a pen and writing in longhand, but I'm sure I'll manage.

At any rate, that's it. I've a feeling I'll be going on writing overdrive when the time comes as a way of keeping myself sane, being stuck at home for so many weeks.

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