Saturday, December 21, 2019

When I Said "Simplify", I Really Meant Going Basic In a Big Way

Anyone who's been visiting my blog for the past month (thank you, by the way) will likely see a different look each time you stop by. That's because I'm preparing for the future, i.e., the new year and the new decade by building my nest in this corner of the internet.

God knows I've tested just about every single theme offered by Blogger, and I keep coming back to the simpler ones. And that pretty much made me hearken back to the crazy early days of blogging for me outside Livejournal. Remember that place? Fun times.

I've gone full nostalgic trip by messing around to see if I could mimic some of my absolute favorite blog themes from years gone by:

- Twenty Sixteen (default Wordpress theme)
- Scherzo (a theme designed specifically for self-hosted blogs)
- Kubrick (the granddaddy of default Wordpress themes)

Kubrick Wordpress Theme - remember this bad boy?

I found that Blogger's Simple theme comes closest to Scherzo with a few tweaks, which are pretty easy to do, and Picture Window mimics Kubrick. I went with the latter for the new year, and hopefully I stick with it as I not only love the super basic, super clean design of the original Kubrick theme (admittedly, it was SO basic, you really couldn't do much with it - I know I tried). At least Blogger's a lot more forgiving, and I'm able to replace the plain blue header with an image.

Scherzo theme for self-hosted blogs.
I adored this theme.

Font? Verdana, check. Fixed width within a container? Check.

It's not gorgeous, but I don't care. Really, I'm so over that shit. I want my online home to be clean, simple, and easily read on any screen. I used to love all the bells and whistles of those fancier themes for self-hosted blogs, and readers of my now-deleted Wordpress blogs will nod their heads tiredly. I've tried a good number of them, and I keep coming "home" to less physically attractive options. 

And I freaking love the effect. I suppose I'm going through the phase that can only be expected from someone who's been kicking around the 'net for over a decade, and I'm seriously yearning for updated versions of the older, more basic themes.

Is this a hipster thing? Is this what one would call irony? I suppose there's something ironic about me insisting on a blog design that closely mirrors what's now considered a relic. I'm also really feeling my age, and that ain't ironic.

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