Friday, December 6, 2019

Now Available: The Cecilian Blue-Collar Chronicles (2nd ed.)

And here we have the final relaunch of the year (and the decade for that matter). My only sci-fi / fantasy spoof is now available in one complete volume, which contains all four novellas that were originally released individually.

Here's the blurb:
In the year 8016 on the newly colonized planet Cecilia, space-age technology, hapless Earthling colonists, and a magical realm no one knew existed, will come together in a collision course when two young men from different worlds cross paths and fall in love. Sheridan Diggins, an astro-cab driver barely scraping a living, finds himself thrown into the deep end of a magical pool when Yuli Soulweaver, the prince of the dead, decides to come to the surface and woo him.
Of course, as it usually happens, nothing goes as planned, and murderous entities from Yuli's world come after Sheridan to stop him once and for all. In the distant planet Cecilia, there are no grand space operas. No thrilling space adventures. No exciting scientific explorations of unknown quadrants. Only a young Earthling suddenly embroiled in high stakes drama when science and magic come together in the most hilarious ways possible.
Contains the novellas Sheridan Diggins and the Dead Horde, The Golem Upstairs, The Romeo and Julian Effect, and Monsters, Science, and Fanatics.
To buy the book, go to the main book page.

This novella series was an attempt at writing a full-on sci-fi adventure, but it ended up morphing a good deal because of the insertion of fantasy and paranormal elements from start to finish. In a way, that approach was inspired by some episodes of the original Star Trek series, which take on parts of Greek/Roman mythology, for instance, or odd uses or references to magic or folklore.

In my case, I couldn't help but insert certain gothic elements into the series for the plot as well as for the mood. The Cecilian Blue-Collar Chronicles was meant to be a spoof of sci-fi tropes, and I also got the idea from an old short-lived sci-fi comedy TV show from the 1970s: Quark.

I watched it religiously as a kid, and my family and I absolutely loved the show. As an adult, I do appreciate the show's premise more, i.e., of Quark being stuck in a dead-end job as basically a garbage collector in space.

You can learn more about the series over here.

So for The Cecilian Blue-Collar Chronicles, poor Sheridan Diggins is an astro-cab driver who lives paycheck to paycheck and looks after a younger brother who, along with Milo Fitz (a tow ship owner), gets dragged into Sheridan's ongoing drama.

I'll be posting an excerpt in a week or so (it's a tradition hereabouts, as you all know), but for now, this is it for my relaunches. Woohoo! Starting January of 2020, I'll be offering you brand spankin' new material with Dollhouse arriving first. Thanks and happy reading!

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