Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Mixtape: Novellas Now Available in Print Formats and Other Writing Updates

All right, so I caved. What can I say? And all this despite the fact that print books don't really sell, but my conscience has gotten the better of me and convinced me to jump in and offer print formats for my novellas, anyway. Maybe they'll get a bite or two. Maybe not. Either way, I guess it's really no skin off my back if I were to set things up via Amazon's KDP feature.

So now, the two longer novellas I've published since Guardian Angel are available in print format:

Echoes In the Glass, which is vol. 2 of the Dolores series, is listed for $7.00 over at Amazon. The other book is A Dirge For St. Monica, which is vol. 3 of the same series. That one's also listed for $7.00 in print over at Amazon.

Of course, their e-book counterparts are both only 99 cents each, which is my standard price point for anything under 50K words. And you can get them here and here if that's your preferred format.

Expect the same thing to happen with all future novellas I'll be self-publishing. They'll also be a little smaller in size (5x8 vs. 6x9 for my novels in print), but they'll all be pretty much priced also at $7.00 for the print format.

The mainstream novel(la) I discussed in a previous blog entry has been started, and I'm currently having a blast writing it in spurts. At the moment, it's tentatively called The Priory, which may change to something along the lines of The Ghosts of St. Grimald's Priory. That's low on my priority list at the moment because I'm pretty much bouncing off the walls in excitement working on this new book.

This new story will be an epistolary novel(la). It'll contain journal entries and letters, and the tone will be pretty humorously salty since the primary POV character is Ms. Prudence Honeysett, filthy rich, misanthropic recluse whose hard-won privacy is suddenly ruined by the appearance of her unhappy nephew.

I'd love this book to be the beginning of another series, in which Pru and Freddie both work together as an odd couple to solve mysteries involving the ghosts haunting the priory. Maybe each book will focus on a specific ghost. Not sure yet. But I'm thinking along those lines, anyway.

I've been chipping away at the story since Sunday, adding a passage (or more) here and there. Since I'm looking at a publication date of the end of 2020, I've got a lot of time to spend on it.

The second book of the Curiosities series is Automata, and I'll be devoting my weekends to that story. I do have a plot already mapped out, and it's a matter of just committing it all to paper in a manner of speaking. I do have another story idea that can be used as the third book in the series, but maybe I can just divert that in the direction of the St. Grimald Priory series.

That way, if I were to satisfy myself with just two books, total, for Curiosities, I can easily turn Automata into another pretty involved novel rather than a long novella, which will be more aligned with Dollhouse in terms of story development.

The other series is something I really, really would love to offer in long novella format, which would be an easier goal with the epistolary narrative approach. Of course, I'll also be offering each book in print format as well as digital.

However it all shakes out, I'm really looking forward to 2020. It'll also mark my twelfth year writing and publishing. Huzzah!

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