Friday, October 4, 2019

Now Available: 'The Winter Garden and Other Stories (2nd ed)' and 'The Book of Lost Princes (2nd ed)' Plus Bonus Cover Reveal

Well hello again, my dearies. I do apologize for the radio silence for a couple of weeks. September was a pretty horrible month for me, and way too much energy was expended on coping with non-stop annoyances at work plus my ongoing thumb issue (which was diagnosed at last as NOT rheumatoid arthritis but tendonitis caused by hypermobility, a.k.a., being double-jointed). That thumb situation has yet to be resolved, so things are still up in the air there, but at least I'm assured I don't have an autoimmune disorder.


Firstly, the relaunch of my two gay YA fairy tale anthologies is finally upon us, and here are the links:

The Winter Garden and Other Stories (2nd ed)
The Book of Lost Princes (2nd ed)

I'll be posting excerpts soon. Just not at the moment. It's been a crazy hectic end of the previous month, and it's only now that I'm finally slowing down for a bit of a breather. But as a bit of a refresher, important stuff about the two anthologies can be had in a previous blog post.

I'm also very, very thrilled to say that I'm finally done with the first draft of Dollhouse, which marks the first novel of what could very well be a mere two-book series set in an AU Bohemia. My original plan was for the book to be 24 chapters long, but plans, being plans, always get thwarted, and my updated projection turned into 35. Then earlier today, it became 33 as I neared the finish line. Just an hour ago (or thereabouts), I finished the first draft, which clocks in at a shiny 32 chapters.

I do have tons of notes I've written for myself to help me with the revision phase, and I'm really looking forward to that. There are so many things about the story that still need a good bit of tweaking, but at least the main plot stayed the same, and it's really all the extra components, as you will, that experienced a lot of shuffling around and redoing.

Now I also promised in my previous blog post that I'll be sharing the cover art for Dollhouse as soon as the first draft is done, and here it is:

Keeping the design simple for this series, and the next book will follow the same format. I'm looking at January for the release date of this book now that I've got October, November, and December to clean it the hell up and make it as palatable as possible for everyone. 

After this book, however, I'll take a break from writing historical fantasy and will switch gears back to a new installment for the Dolores series, which, hopefully, will equal the length of A Dirge for St. Monica. That long novella was the ideal non-novel length for me, and I've been hoping that Dollhouse would follow suit, but things happen, apparently. 

So, yeah. There it is. I'm so pleased with the way the first draft went despite the false starts, which are becoming more and more common with me with every new book I work on. But such is the way of things, I guess, and I just have to suck it up and live with them. At any rate, I'll be sharing more stuff about this new series once the time comes.

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