Monday, October 21, 2019

Mixtape: Giveaways for Two Books, Next Month's Re-Launch, and the New Kid on the Block

Okay, first thing's first:

I'm guest blogging (sort of) over at On Top Down Under's 7th Blog Anniversary with a couple of posts, both of which are excerpts and giveaways. The first giveaway is for A Murder of Crows, and you can check out the excerpt and add a comment to the post for a chance at snagging an e-book. The second giveaway is for Hell-Knights, and for that one, go here for the goods.

Secondly, I'm pleased to say that Desmond and Garrick (3rd ed) is now listed as a pre-order. Go here for the main book page, and please note that all online bookstore links are currently being updated the closer we get to the relaunch day, which is November 8. It's being released as a single volume, which clocks in at around 145,000 words, give or take a thousand or two. It's easily the closest to Guardian Angel in length, and that novel so far is the longest novel I've written.

Thirdly, Dollhouse is coming along well in the revision phase. The first draft is a real mess, truth be told, and I'm currently too tired from my day job to say much more. Maybe I will as I go along, but suffice it say, I'm chugging along at a pretty good pace during the revisions, where a crap ton of material gets messed with (deleted, moved, and/or added). This novel is quickly turning into a more massive undertaking that originally planned as I'm projecting roughly between 80,000 to 90,000 words total.

I'm not giving up on my long novellas, though. The second book in this two-book series will also be another novel, though I'm not sure how long it'll end up. It's likely not going to be as long as Dollhouse since this current book is almost like an origin story (though the origin story is more of a side plot).

I was also at first considering writing another addition to the Dolores series, but seeing as how I'm sort of on a roll with the revisions for Dollhouse, maybe I should just suck it up and continue moving along with another character's story and get that one out of the way. And that means 2020 will see the release of both books and might also have enough time for another Dolores sequel.

Postscript thinky thoughts in which I turn too many things over and over in my head and share my thought process with everyone:

While I keep going back and forth between preferred book length as well as setting, I find myself preferring to move more and more away from novel-length fiction and keeping to longer novellas (a little less than 50,000 words) a la A Dirge for St. Monica, which remains the one book whose length I'd love to replicate in future stories, regardless of time period.

If anything... maybe, just maybe, this new historical fantasy two-book series can still work out like the way I introduced the Dolores series so that the "origin story" is a novel, and the subsequent titles are long novellas. If I can pull this off, I might be able to sustain the new Curiosities series more successfully and get more than two books under my belt.

Because heaven knows, no matter what I do or how much I try to convince myself to ride off into the sunset in happy retirement, the story ideas keep coming. The challenge I'm facing more and more involves time (as I currently work full-time at my day job) and health. What I could manage to do three or more years ago, I can't come close to anymore. Physical discomfort and fatigue are real and more insistent problems whenever I sit down to write, so there's that.

If I keep my head together for Automata, I should be able to turn the Curiosities series into a historical Dolores with the longer novellas following Dollhouse. And that would be absolutely fantastic.

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