Saturday, September 14, 2019

Cover Reveal and Pre-Order Updates (Plus Other Stuff)

Summer's finally on its way out, and we're about to dive into my favorite season of the year. And with that come the last four relaunches for the time being, with two - yes, count 'em, two - books coming out next month. Rather coincidentally, they're both anthologies. 

So for October, we'll have The Winter Garden and Other Stories and The Book of Lost Princes coming out, both on the same day: October 4th. TWGaOS contains the same gay YA fairy tales as its previous editions, so no surprises there. 

TBoLP, however, will have Ansel of Pryor House as part of its contents. Unlike the other anthology, this one focuses on original novella-length fairy tales and is also a book that I hope to add to down the line with more anthologies containing novella-length fairy tales. 

Considering the direction I'm currently taking my writing, though, if another similar anthology comes out from me, it'll most likely be a gothic horror collection. Not a bad idea at all, really!

In other writing news, I'm rather stoked about my current WIP, which is titled Dollhouse. This draft has gone through at least one major overhaul in the middle of writing it, to boot, which includes an actual character and main plot change. 

It actually started out being called The Heart of Ameinias, which I'm aiming to use for another book down the line (or maybe a variation of it, anyway), but after my writing stalled several times and in successive chapters, I took that as a warning and had to stop cold and go back to completely redo just about everything. 

In its current form, it's looking pretty good, though I'm still doing some retcon work here and there as I go. My original plan was to publish a pretty modest 24-chapter novel, but it looks like it'll be longer than that. Somewhere around 28 to 30 chapters, I'm guessing. 

Looking forward to 2020, I do would like to keep a steady and more relaxed publishing schedule as long as I have ideas and the energy levels for it.

No, actually, scratch that. I'm going to spread my releases out because of time constraints (see: real life full-time work) and energy levels. We gotta be realistic about our goals, ladies and gents. So I'm thinking of something more like a twice-a-year schedule, which allows me to work on longer stories (novel-length vs novella-length) as inspiration hits.

I had a great rhythm started for those long novellas, which I was trying to perfect through the Dolores series, and I really would like to continue along those lines - at least for that series, anyway. Historical fiction can require a lot more information and some such because of research and other things. 

Oh, and would you believe I've already put together a cover for Dollhouse? I did it as the proverbial carrot for myself once I reach the story's halfway point. A reward, I guess, that works like an official stamp that makes the book's reality unavoidable. There's no turning back now, and it's do or die time for me. 

And as a bonus, the book's already spawned the plot for the next title in the series, which is officially called Automata. I'm going to be moving away from my whatever-works-best-wahoo approach to book cover designs and will use a similar look for all books in the series. So they'll be, you know, obviously related to each other. 

I'll be sharing the book cover for Dollhouse once I'm done with the first draft.

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