Monday, August 26, 2019

Birthday Blitz Sale: 50% Off All E-Books In the Arcana Europa Series

Happy birthday to li'l ol' me, y'all! And for the first time in EVER, I'm offering some of my e-books at a 50% discount from August 26 (that be my birthday, yes) through August 31 (end of the month, time to dive into what remains of summer).

As a wee recap:

Arcana Europa is a historical fantasy series set in an AU Victorian Europe. In the six books that're part of the series, magic is commonplace, and so are same-sex relationships. Yes, same-sex marriage is also there.

What else:

There's a lot of dark fantasy elements, particularly gothic horror (my favorite!) in every book. In fact, ghosts and forces from the Otherworld are significant elements in every volume, and my characters either solve mysteries or fight against terrible supernatural forces before winning the young gentlemen of their dreams.

There's no mention of God (the Christian God, that is) anywhere. All the books are a mixture of Greek and Roman mythology, Roman Catholicism, and a light sprinkling of Nature worship. 

Each book is guaranteed a happily-ever-after ending.

Each book is also a standalone, so there's no need to purchase EVERY book in the series in order to understand anything.

And here's the breakdown of the prices according to book length:
  • Guardian Angel (100K+ words) - $2.49
  • The Flowers of St. Aloysius (100K+ words) - $2.49
  • Hell-Knights (100K+ words) - $2.49
  • Children of Hyacinth (50K - 70K words) - $1.59
  • The Amaranth Maze (50K - 70K words) - $1.59
  • A Murder of Crows (50K - 70K words) - $1.59
Note that some online stores will update their price a little longer than others, so please be patient. You do have five full days to snag yourself a copy or two (or more), so don't worry.

Go to my book page over at Books 2 Read for blurbs and links to different online bookstores. Happy reading!

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