Friday, August 16, 2019

Ambling Down the Path of Nostalgia

Or "Oh, for the good ol' days of wide-eyed publishing newbieness." From out of the blue, I suddenly remembered Seth Lakeman's "Lady of the Sea", a song that was released thirteen or so years ago. Pretty much just when I was discovering the possibility of taking my love for reading and writing one step further by giving publishing some serious thought.

It was also one of a number of songs that played a significant part in feeding my love for folklore, history, and alternate history, which I'm still pursuing to this day. Granted, age is catching up with me, and my books' tone has shifted from light-hearted to dark, and I'm also tackling issues I never even considered before.

Or if I did, I regarded them as too weighty for the escapist purpose of my stories. Would this shift be labeled "maturity"? I'm not sure, though I can see why. Yeah, I suppose it would be. It can be. 

I still can't help but look back and wax nostalgic over the good ol' days, though. When possibilities stretched out before me, and my head was drowning in one plotbunny after another, and I found it difficult to keep up with the barrage of ideas coming at me from all directions. 

When I can sit at the computer and endure X amount of time clacking away at the keyboard without neck, shoulder, or back pain. When I can turn on some music and use it as white noise that also fed my mind. 

Even the publishing business is changing, at least in the market I write for. Small or indie presses have shuttered. Popular writers who might have been able to live off their books are now turning to Patreon for some extra support (or more consistent support, anyway) from their loyal readers. 

A number of previously active writers have all but vanished, though I still see some on social media talking about everything but writing. I myself am already opening up to the possibility of retirement sooner than later, but I still get inspired with so many ideas that I'm doggedly holding off the inevitable. 

Another way of looking at this, I suppose, is more about the end of one thing and the start of another. Perhaps writing non-gay New Adult fiction - sans a whiff of romance anywhere. Gothic horror involving an MC who won't be romantically linked with another character. 

I've thought about it, and I can easily see myself follow that path down the line when the right plotbunnies pop up. I'm not one to push it, though. If it happens, it happens. For the time being, I'll just wax nostalgic some more and - reflect - on where I've been and where I hope to take things in the future. 

That said, I've a feeling Seth Lakeman's song will continue to feed the muse.

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