Thursday, July 25, 2019

Vampire Validation (Or "Hello There, My Gazillionth Blog!")

There's nothing like baptizing a new place on the internet with a great gothic piece. I mean, you know, that's pretty much the direction I've been taking my self-published books, so, yeah... Gothic stuff.

This song is part of a playlist that's nowhere near being complete as I'd like to turn it into my go-to playlist for writing inspiration. So far, in great cosmic irony fashion, I've been listening non-stop to four playlists from Nox Arcana instead, which are the songs in four of their CDs: Transylvania, Gothic, Blackthorn Asylum, and House of Nightmares. 

One thing I figured would be worth noting is that I'm coming full circle in my writing in the sense that as a kid, I was one for horror stories and gothic fiction. School and the university pretty much took care of all that, and even when I finally dove into writing for publication, there was a hint of my love of gothic horror in my early books that didn't really find full expression till after I decided to self-publish everything from this point on. It really does feel like coming home in a weird, rather perverse way considering the genre I'm now really immersing myself in.

For now, I'm mixing in a bit of dark magic with classic ghost fiction, but I honestly would love to just pursue nothing but "pure" ghost fiction a la M.R. James, who continues to be my absolute favorite Victorian ghost story writer. That said, I'm also very keen on finding inspiration from my favorite American writer, Edgar Allan Poe, for other approaches to gothic horror.

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